M.S. / Ph.D. Opportunity at UC Berkeley! 2018

Assistant Professor Simon Schleicher and his team of the Flexible Structures Lab (FSL) invites you to apply to UC Berkeley’s M.S. / Ph.D. program in Building Science, Technology, and Sustainability at the Department of Architecture in the College of Environmental Design (CED). If your interest lies in linking digital fabrication, biology, sustainable and structural design, the FSL is the right place to do it in CED. By combining the expertise of the Building Science, Technology and Sustainability Group with strong cross-disciplinary collaborations with different departments at UC Berkeley, the FSL provides the right ecosystem to push the boundaries of bio-inspired architectural design. Strong skills in scripting (Python, C#, C++), parametric modeling (Rhinoceros + Grasshopper), structural simulation (Karamba, ANSYS, SOFiSTiK), and experience in digital fabrication with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is desirable.

More information can be found in the following links:

Important Dates:
Application deadline – December 2, 2019
Start of semester –  August 19, 2020

About the program and research group: 
Building Science, Technology and Sustainability Group
CED Research Resources

About the degree programs:
Application to the M.S. Program via official site
Application to the Ph.D. Program via official site
Detailed information about the Ph.D. program
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About Professor Simon Schleicher:
Bio, Research

Research topics of the Flexible Structures Lab (FSL):

  • Bio-inspired Structures and Kinetic Systems
  • Bending-active Structures and Advanced Digital Design and Fabrication
  • 3D Printing of Compliant Mechanisms and Fixtures
  • Adaptive Shading Systems for Freeform Glass Facades
  • Robotic Fabrication and Construction

Apply here:
U.C. Berkeley Application Site

Required Documents:

  • Official Transcript
  • 3x Letters of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose (Precise description of your research topic and working methodology)
  • Personal History Statement
  • Resume/CV
  • Writing Sample (Publications)
  • Portfolio (submit as “Additional Document”)

Additional Information

Recent Publications:

Yavaribajestani, Y., & Schleicher, S. (2019). Bio-inspired Lamellar Structures: Studio One Research Pavilion 2018. ACADIA conference, ACADIA 2019 Ubiquity and autonomy, University of Texas, Austin, TX, USA.

Santos, L., Schleicher, S., & Caldas, L. (2019). Automatic Simplification Of Complex Building Geometry For Whole-building Energy Simulations. 16th IBPSA International Conference & Exhibition Building Simulation 2019, Rome, Italy.

Schleicher, S., Kontominas, G., Makker, T., Tatli, I., & Yavaribajestani, Y. (2019). Studio One: A New Teaching Model for Exploring Bio-Inspired Design and Fabrication. Biomimetics, 4(2), 34.

Schleicher, S., and La Magna, R. (2018). Potentials of 3D Printed Joinery for Bending-active Structures. IASS Annual Symposium 2018 Creativity in Structural Design, MIT, Boston, USA.

Schleicher, S. Santos, L., and Caldas, L. (2017). Data-driven shading systems: Application in curved glass facades. Facade Tectonics World Congress 2018, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Schleicher, S., La Magna, and R., Zabel, J. (2017). Bending-active Sandwich Shells: Studio One Research Pavilion 2017. ACADIA conference, ACADIA 2017 Disciplines & Disruptions, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Santos, L., Schleicher, S., & Caldas, L. (2017). Automation of CAD models to BEM models for performance based goal-oriented design methods. Building and Environment, 112, 144-158.

Schleicher, S. and La Magna (2016). Bending-active Plates: Form-finding and Form-conversion. ACADIA conference, ACADIA 2016 Posthuman Frontiers: Data, Designers and Cognitive Machines. (pp. 260-269). ACADIA.

Schleicher, S., La Magna, R., Knippers, J. (2016). Bending-active Plates: Planning and Construction. In Fabricate: Rethinking Design and Construction. (pp. 242-249). Riverside Architectural Press.

La Magna, R., Schleicher, S., Knippers, J. (2016). Bending-active Plates: Form and Structure. In Advances in architectural geometry 2016. (pp. 170-187). vdf Hochschulverlag AG.

Schleicher, S., Lienhard, J., Poppinga, S., Speck, T., & Knippers, J. (2015). A methodology for transferring principles of plant movements to elastic systems in architecture. Computer-Aided Design, 60, 105-117.

Schleicher, S., Rastetter, A., La Magna, R., Schönbrunner, A., Haberbosch, N., & Knippers, J. (2015). Form-Finding and Design Potentials of Bending-Active Plate Structures. In Modelling Behaviour (pp. 53-63). Springer International Publishing.

Prof. Simon Schleicher

Postdoc Researchers:
Dr. Michael Herrmann

M.S./Ph.D. Students:
Barrak Darweesh
Dylan Arceneaux
Elnaz Tafrihi
Eric Futerfas
Tina Piracci
Yasaman Yavaribajestani

GSR Alumni:
Annie Dennis, Constantina Tsiara, Erica Brett, Georgios Kontominas, Ioanna Tatli, Konstantinos Moustakas, Kyle Johnson, Sean Ostro, Tanya Makker

Studio One Alumni:
2016-17: Barrak Darweesh, Georgios Kontominas, Hao Zheng, Heewon Lee, Ioanna Tatli, Taewook Kang, Xiangyu An, Yuanfang Lu, Yuepeng Li

2017-18:Chi Li, Constantina Tiara, Jin You, Keyu Gan, Ming-Ya Hsu, Tanya Makker, Tong Liu, Yasaman Yavaribajestani, Yuxi Huang