Lecture: Oliver David Krieg

Dear friends and colleagues, please join us today for the first Expert Lecture in our class Arch 259 – Flexible Hybrid Structures II. Via Skype, we will have the opportunity to speak to Oliver David Krieg and learn more about his exciting work on elastic timber structures and robotic fabrication that he does at ICD. This presentation will be open to public and is supported by the campus-wide research and teaching initiative Design Innovation from Nature.

Tuesday, February 6, 2 pm, at 210 Jacobs Hall

Oliver David Krieg (ICD – University of Stuttgart)

Lecture Title: “Elastic bending as a design driver for innovative timber construction”

Oliver David Krieg is an expert in computational design and digital fabrication in architecture. His research is characterized by a focus on integrative processes and close collaborations between engineering, biology, material science, sustainability analysis, building physics, and fabrication. As group leader of the Computational Wood Architecture group at the Institute for Computational Design and Construction, his work aims to employ the reciprocities between technology and material characteristics in order to rethink how architecture will be designed, fabricated, and constructed in the future.