Studio One.


Studio One

Studio One is a two-semester program for students with a professional architecture degree. The studio course makes up the core of the program and is intended for those interested in exploring innovative and experimental design issues through a research-oriented and multidisciplinary approach. It is supplemented by seminars, lectures, and workshops in architectural design, engineering, and natural sciences with the opportunity to take electives at the College of Environmental Design. Students who complete the program will receive a non-professional Master of Architecture degree.

For 2016/18, Studio One has the theme “Bio-inspired Design and Fabrication” and will be directed by Asst. Prof. Simon Schleicher. The goal of the studio is to venture out into the unchartered territories and common frontier between architecture, engineering, and biology. It seeks to forge interdisciplinary and cross-professional alliances to provoke a novel design paradigm based on the integration of multifaceted methodologies and informed processes. The main focus in this respect will be on re-examining and merging the areas of biomimetics, computational design, structural analysis, material-based fabrication and construction.

The studio will follow an inquiry-oriented, experiment-based, and project-driven research agenda. Based on an intensive, critical, and analytical approach to cutting-edge design and construction methods, the studio aims to go one step further by taking inspiration from flexible and resilient structures found in nature. By closely investigating biological structures for their efficiency and adaptability and abstracting their underlying construction principles into suitable architectural systems, the studio will challenge our present understanding with new bio-inspired fabrication and construction concepts. Studio One, students will design and fabricate models and large-scale demonstrations that showcase the potential of biologically informed design concepts that anticipate a new foundation for lightweight, multifunctional, and sustainable architecture.

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Student Team 2016/17:
Barrak Darweesh, Georgios Kontominas, Hao Zheng, Heewon Lee, Ioanna Tatli, Taewook Kang, Xiangyu An, Yuanfang Lu, Yuepeng Li

Student Team 2017/18:
Chi Li, Constantina Tiara, Jin You, Keyu Gan, Ming-Ya Hsu, Tanya Makker, Tong Liu, Yasaman Yavaribajestani, Yuxi Huang


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