Studio One Final.

Project Description

Come join us for Studio One’s final review this Friday, May 5 (2 pm, 108 Wurster Hall).

Studio One is our post-professional one-year Master program and has a much more inquiry-oriented, experiment-based, and project-driven research agenda in comparison to the other studios in the MArch program.

The theme of Studio One is “Bio-inspired Design and Fabrication” and we are looking into plants as potential role models for architectural innovation and new fabrications strategies. The brief for this semester is to design a temporary (fiber-) glasshouse for UC Berkeley’s Botanical Garden. The pavilion-size building is meant to be a sustainable, energy-efficient growing environment for the Garden’s world-renowned collection of living plants as well as become a new key attraction for tourists and scholars. The building itself should thereby envision a glasshouse of the 21st century that is in step with the exciting material innovations and digital fabrication. This project was conducted with the generous support of Kreysler & Associates.


Project Details

  • Date May 2, 2017
  • Tags Research, Simon Schleicher Research, Studio One
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