Lecture: Giulio Brugnaro

University of California, Berkeley

Wednesday, February 12, 12 pm in 220 Jacobs Hall

Giulio Brugnaro

(The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL)

Title: “Adaptive Robotic Fabrication Workflows

Abstract: The lecture is going to present a series of adaptive robotic fabrication strategies which challenge the conventional linear progression from the stage of design to manufacturing because of their ability to deal with feedback information to adjust the outcome of the process. Rather than one directional progression through separate stages, the moment of design blurs with the fabrication one, unfolding together in a continuously updating loop informed by sensor data, learning strategies and simulation tools that enable designers to engage with material behaviours and tool affordances to explore novel design opportunities.

Short Bio: Giulio Brugnaro is a trained architect, designer and researcher working in the field of robotic fabrication and applied machine learning for design-to-production workflows. He has been working for the last 4+ years as  Marie Curie Fellow Researcher and PhD Candidate at The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College of London (UCL), where his research focused on developing adaptive robotic fabrication system for design purposes as part of the EU-funded “Innochain” Research Network. In parallel, he’s also been working as Teaching Fellow for the M.Arch. Design for Manufacture at the UCL, exploring the potential of manufacturing and digital technologies applied to the realms of construction and product design. Previously, he received a B.Arch. in Architectural Sciences at IUAV University of Venice and a M.Sc. in Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research at the University of Stuttgart.

Website:  www.giuliobrugnaro.com  

This presentation is part of the Expert Lecture Series of the class Arch 259 – Robotic Fabrication and supported by UC Berkeley’s Design Innovation from Nature initiative, the Department of Architecture, and the Jacobs Institute of Design InnovationThe lecture will be open to the public.