Fabrication Workshop: Kreysler & Associates.

Project Description

Studio One students just came back from a fantastic 3-day fabrication workshop at Kreysler & Associates – one of the leading manufacturers in composites constructions. The team at Kreysler gave us a great tour through their impressive facility and showed us some of their most recent projects.

With the generous support of Kreysler, we gained some indispensable hands-on experience working with glass fibre reinforced polymers and successfully manufactured a first prototype of our planned  Studio One Research Pavilion.

A special thanks at this point goes to Joshua Zabel and Tim Oliver for their sharing your deep knowledge and showing such an inexhaustible patience with us!



Project Details

  • Client Kreysler & Associates
  • Date February 20, 2017
  • Tags Bending-active Plates, Research, Studio One

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