Lecture: Simon Schleicher at ACADIA 2017

I’m looking forward to presenting our research on “Bending-active Sandwich Shells” at this year’s ACADIA conference at MIT. The work I’m going to show is the result of a recent collaboration between the students of our Studio One program with industry partners from str.ucture GmbH and Kreysler & Associates.

Lecture Title:

“Bending-active Sandwich Structures – Studio One Research Pavilion 2017”

Time and Location:

Thursday November 2, 10:55am at MIT Media Lab (Building E14) 6th Floor

About the Conference:

Disciplines & Disruption initiates a dialog about the state of the discipline of architecture and the impact of technology in shaping or disrupting design, methods and cultural fronts. For the past 30 years, distinctive advancements in technologies have delivered unprecedented possibilities to architects and enabled new expressions, performance, materials, fabrication and construction processes. Simultaneously, digital technology has permeated the social fabric around architecture with broad influences ranging from digital preservation to design with the developing world. Driven by technological, data and material advances, architecture now witnesses the moment of disruption, whereby formerly distinct areas of operation become increasingly connected and accessible to architecture’s sphere of concerns in ways never before possible. Distinctions between design and making, building and urban scale, architecture and engineering, real and virtual, on site and remote, physical and digital data, professionals and crowds, are diminishing as technology increases the designer’s reach far beyond the confines of the drafting board. This conference provides a platform to investigate the shifting landscape of the discipline today, and to help define and navigate the future.